Companion Planting

A holistic approach to aging in place. Working with and for seniors who wish to stay active in their own outdoor spaces.

Gardening WITH you, not just FOR you.

Spending time gardening is a good thing:

It's good for your body.

It's great for your mental health.

And it makes your outdoor space look nice.

But where do you start? You may not have the right tools. Or maybe you've got great tools, but they're gathering dust in the garage because you haven't figured out how to sharpen those pruners.

Companion Planting is here to help. We are a small and sensitive group of trustworthy gardeners who help get you outside in a safe and enjoyable manner. Learn new skills or hone your already impressive gardening know-how. And do it all in the company of an experienced and attentive companion.

Share stories and camaraderie while problem-solving your home landscape. Think of us as your personal trainer, therapist, gardener, and friend all in one.

What we do


Spending time working together on shared activity is rewarding and stimulating. With your companion planter, you can share stories and think through your garden together with a friendly and familiar face each week. If gardening isn't in the cards for the week, how about a walk through the neighborhood to identify trees? Or maybe making an inventory of the stuff in your garage? Anything is possible with a companion!

Expert gardening advice

Working with a companion planter isn't just for the good company. We are experienced horticulturists with advanced degrees and certificates in landscape design and botany. The work we do is expert, and we'll guide provide knowledge and skills for you too! Click here to learn more about Jeff, your companion-in-chief.

Environment and pet friendly

Our belief in environmental responsibility is real. Companion planting uses no gas powered machinery, no chemical pesticides, and focuses on native species. We're not going to sell you on resource-intensive lawns that require constant watering and maintenance because we work with nature and not against it. Incorporating permacultural techniques that require fewer inputs is a hallmark of our approach. Have questions about this? Please ask! We could talk about sustainable landscaping all day long!

Design & maintenance tailored to your schedule and budget

A lot of lawn service companies don't much care about the people they work with. We do! Our job is to work with you, whether that means weekly work, monthly check ins, or something else. Because we charge only for our time and any plants or materials used, you won't ever wonder what you're paying or what you're getting.

Who we are

Transforming outdoor spaces to be more beautiful and sustainable brings me tremendous joy, moreso when working with a homeowner to do so. I came to this profession with a background in science: I hold an AB in Environmental Studies from Brown University and an MS in Natural Resources with an emphasis on forest health from Cornell University. I use this background, along with the accumulated knowledge of working with homeowners who can be brilliant horticulturists themselves, to deliver high quality work to clients.

When working with Companion Planting, you'll be working directly with me. If there are specific tasks that require more manpower or time, a member of my team might join us. Either way, you can expect excellent results from committed people!


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